Careers with Purpose

Our mission is to “Continue a Legacy of Excellence” and simply put, our team members want to make this world a better place.  Our purpose is to improve the lives of our team members and clients by improving and maintaining beautiful, healthy outdoor environments.  We do so by maintaining high standards and by continually improving our organization.

At Foegley we strive to be more than a team, we endeavor to be a family.  Our team has high performance expectations but we realize that a team member’s highest responsibility is to care for and provide for their family.

How to Apply:

Review our Open and Accepting Positions and decide which you’d like to apply for, then click the button to complete the Pre-Application.

Start an Online Pre-Application Process Here


Print and complete our ShortApplication  here FOEGLEY Job Application. 

Then call our office between 8:00am and 4:30pm, so you can schedule a time drop off the competed application.  If you cannot make it during these hours, call our office at 574-277-2424 to schedule a time.

If you call after business hours please provide the following information on your call: Name & phone number, position applying for, day and time you will complete your Pre- Application.