“I just wanted to thank your workers for all of their work they do during snow removal. Last Sunday a couple of your employees, one woman and the other a man were shoveling the sidewalks. They took the time to pull the snow away from my parked truck in the driveway so the tractor with the blade/ blower was able to thoroughly clean our driveway. I work very hard for a living in the utility business. I always think of the customer and how I can better my companies relationship with them in both safety and mutual respect.  Your two employees should be credited with their extra effort. I’m getting older and have worked in my business for many years and that extra effort kept me from having to shovel the snow which I’m truly appreciative for. Thank you all.” February 2018

“Thank you so much for sending the young lady that weeded our Property.  She was friendly, competent, and thorough.   We certainly appreciate her efforts and the results upon walking our landscaping. Not once this summer when notified that other companies would weeding by them be attempted did our planting beds look so “clean” of weeds. Again, I not only appreciate Foegley’s  service but also the pride this young lady exhibited in her efforts at my property.  Please give her our “Thanks” for a job well done!” August 2016 

“Thank you so much for all you do for our homes. I hope you realize how fortunate Judy and I both feel to have your services and that of Foegley. We have had numerous compliments at both places in terms of
landscaping. And, your crew members reflect to both of us as customers an attitude of politeness, competency, and work ethic that is sadly often missing with many service and product providers.” June 2015

“Thanks to you and he Foegley team for the beautiful paver walks you installed for us in our garden. We had a wonderful experience with the amazing and talented young men that worked so hard to make everything perfect!!! Our property was always left clean at the end of the day, they even took our trash bags full of grass clippings away! Thank you Foegley for the ethics and quality of work your company provides.” April 2015

“…Foegley has done a yeoman’s job and has to be complemented for the outstanding road snow removal this winter. I have to go thru Knollwood everyday for work. They suffer because the county service is so bad. We are lucky.” February 2014

“Seriously….I have not received a single complaint about our snow removal so far this year and in fact, nothing but high praise and compliments for the work you guys have been doing. It’s truly a credit to yourselves and the guys you have working for you and we’ve been all very impressed.” January 2014

“I am extremely pleased with the landscaping Foegley did for me this fall and last fall. I was looking for privacy, but didn’t want it to look like a wall of green (which other companies had suggested to me). It needed to have a variety of plants that would add color and be aesthetically pleasing throughout the year – not just for me, but I wanted my neighbors to be able to enjoy it too. With Foegley, I feel like I got what I paid for: privacy, beauty, professional designer and installers who were a dream to work with, and landscaping that looks like it has been established for years.” December 2013

“I wanted to let you know I was extremely pleased with the job your designer and crew did and that all went above and beyond what I expected. Everyone was always very courteous, organized and understanding of our needs for the grounds. They stayed on schedule so the job was completed on time. I look forward to working with Foegley in the future.” September, 2013

“Beautiful new trees have been artfully added to the landscaping of our South Bend, Indiana facility. Special thanks to our friends at Foegley Lanscape for the design and hard work of installing the trees.” September, 2013

“I know this message is so late to you, but I just want to tell you how much we love our patio – we love it more and more every day and want to thank you for your help designing it. We could not be happier with the flow and ease of maintenance. I really enjoyed working with you and appreciated all of your wonderful design advice.” November 2012

“I just wanted to say a special Thank You to the guys that cleaned up my yard this week. They went above and beyond by cleaning out my very deep window wells full of leaves. I was expecting to have to do this job myself at some point, and when I looked yesterday they were all cleaned out! Please pass this on to the crew.” November 2012

“I thought I would send you an e-mail about the great job your guys have done cleaning up the leaves. I have pacasandra in the front of our house and this year the guys blowing the leaves out of it have done the best job that has ever been done since we’ve lived here. Also, they did a very good job cleaning the eaves troughs. They did not make a big mess on the ground, which is appreciated. I know you usually only hear complaints from the homeowners, so I wanted to let you know that your guys have done a great job this fall. I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!” November 19th 2012

“…The yard looks gorgeous – your crew did an awesome job. You can tell they really know what they are doing. We will have a great head start on beautiful gardens come spring. . It was a pleasure working with you and your crew. Have a great Thanksgiving!” November 2012

“… Our landscape looks like it is coming along nicely. I felt like I wanted to tip the two guys here for getting the stump out but wasn’t sure about your policies so I thought I would ask first. They are very nice guys and love what they do. I am thankful for having good guys doing the work at our house. We have other workers that are not the caliber of these guys before and have had a sour experience so this is nice.” November 2012

“This morning your yard crew was at my home clearing leaves and cutting-down perennials. Diana just let me know that one of the men came to the door to say that while trimming he’d inadvertently chipped the bronze finish on an aluminum low voltage light fixture out in a bed. That particular light hasn’t worked in years and it’s just laying on its side in the mulch where it was vulnerable and likely hard to see, so this could very easily happen. A nick in a broken light fixture is really of no concern to me, but of course your employee didn’t know that at the time. Today most workers would’ve made no mention of such a thing, expecting or hoping it wouldn’t be noticed. I’m writing to commend this man for his forthright honesty and caring for the customer, bringing something he did to our attention even at potential risk of a cost or reprimand to himself. That speaks volumes about the quality of Foegley’s employees and the culture you instill in your service crews. This man (sorry we don’t know his name) should be commended for doing the right thing. We’re very pleased and thankful to have such fine people working around our home and you should be proud. Keep up the good work.” October 2012

“Awesome job on the landscaping!!!! You really did a great job with the design and lay out. The crew was very conscious of detail!! Another fine job by “Foegley” Thanks for everything.” August 2012