Weed Control Methods

Posted on February 28th, 2015 by John Foegley

As soil temperatures warm, seeds that have been lying dormant all winter will begin to sprout and grow. To save yourself a lot of work this year, get landscape bed weeds under control now. In another week, you’ll have more weeds to pull or spray.

Our weed control program begins early when we apply Snapshot, Preen, or other appropriate weed control chemicals to create a barrier thru which most seeds cannot grow. Once the chemical control is applied, we apply bark mulch to seal the chemical in and prevent sunlight from reaching the seeds.

Perennial weeds grow from roots, so pre-emergent chemicals are ineffective. The root systems of perennials are tough, so hand weeding is often ineffective. Applying Roundup or a similar product is the best way to control perennial weeds, but be careful. Roundup will kill most plants you spray it on. You can hand apply with a rubber glove and rag to protect your sensitive plants.

A few of other cautions would be:

  • Always read the label and follow the instructions
  • Don’t apply stronger pre-emergent weed controls to annual flower beds. The flowers will be stunted or may even die.
  • Do not walk thru areas you have sprayed with roundup. Your shoes will pick up the chemical and may track thru your yard, killing the grass where you walk.

Think Spring!