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Irrigation during a dry spell

Posted on August 10th, 2016 by John Foegley

Irrigation – Don’t over water It’s been hot and dry for several weeks so  cranking up the run times on your irrigation system might be the first thing you want to do.  However, it’s important to understand that  trees, shrubs and groundcovers typically don’t require as much irrigation as turf.  If you increase run times […]

Hardscape Cleaning

Posted on August 28th, 2015 by John Foegley

If your brick pavement hasn’t been maintained for several years, the vibrant colors it had when it was first installed are probably just hidden beneath a layer of dirt and grime.  While mother nature will cause some of the color to fade as the years pass, it is possible to restore a lot of that […]

Caring for Sod

Posted on May 29th, 2015 by John Foegley

Caring for sod is incredibly important if you want it to look great. Follow this plan for early and long term sod care! Early Sod Care First day watering – Check your new sod a few hours after it has been laid by walking on it. If you make deep footprints, it has enough water. […]

Irrigation Tips for Installation & Care

Posted on April 29th, 2015 by John Foegley

All irrigation systems are not created equal. Be sure your new irrigation system is designed and installed as follows to conserve water and reduce water and electrical bills! Be sure your system provides “head to head” coverage and that nozzles provides “matched precipitation. A rain sensor will prevent the system from running during rain. Better, […]

DIY Pond Maintenance: Caring for Your Pond

Posted on April 20th, 2015 by John Foegley

Have a pond on your property? If you’ve decided to care for it yourself, follow these tips for how to take care of it in every season! Spring Once the threat of a hard freeze is over, pond heater may be removed. To clean, soak in vinegar (white works fine) to remove all corrosion and […]

How to Water Trees, Shrubs & Groundcovers

Posted on April 12th, 2015 by John Foegley

Providing balanced moisture levels is critical to the establishment of all newly installed plant material and it is the responsibility of the home or business owner, unless Foegley Landscape is specifically contracted to provide this service. The amount and type of supplemental irrigation will depend on several factors including soil type, shade, slope, plant type […]

Care for Your Newly Hydroseeded Lawn

Posted on April 9th, 2015 by John Foegley

Has your lawn just been hydroseeded? Taking care of it is incredibly important if you want it to grow well. Use this guide! Watering After the lawn is first Hydroseeded, allow the mulch to dry before watering. (Usually dry by the next day.) During the first two weeks, water all areas every day keeping area […]

How to Winterize Your Trees

Posted on March 21st, 2015 by John Foegley

Trees are investments that require a small amount of care. For the sake of your tree’s quality of life and your own, take a few minutes to winterize your trees. Wonderful springs come from well-tended winters! Here are nine things you can do to winterize your trees: Remove or correct structural faults and deadwood that […]

Established Lawn Fertilization Recommendation

Posted on March 15th, 2015 by John Foegley

Your lawn is constantly renewing itself. New roots, buds, rhizomes, tillers and leaves replace the old, diseased and worn ones in a continuing process. To keep this renewal going, your lawn needs fertilizer. You’ll need to apply adequate nutrients to insure a day-to-day supply. The big three – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – are of […]

Eastern Tent Caterpillars – Spring Webs in Trees

Posted on March 7th, 2015 by John Foegley

We’ve started seeing Eastern Tent Caterpillars this week. They form webs in the crotches of trees and shrubs in spring to early summer. If reachable and small in size, in the morning take the web and contents of squirmy worms down and step on them – (a simple method that avoids chemicals). If you prefer […]