Spring Irrigation System Startup by Foegley Landscape

Posted on March 29th, 2015 by John Foegley

Spring showers and cool temperatures have turned things green. However, early to mid April is the time to fire up the irrigation system so when the dry times come as they always do, your landscape will get sufficient water to keep it thriving and healthy.

Foegley Landscape irrigation technicians use the following sequence:

  • Turn off drain spigot used for fall blowout
  • Turn on water & charge mainline

We manually activate each zone, go outside and look for problems such as:

  • Broken heads, broken nozzles & pattern obstructions
  • Look for uniform spray patterns
  • Flag or otherwise mark problem areas
  • Make a list of parts needed – note component brands and get same to if possible.
  • Go to get parts, install heads and parts – (be careful not to get dirt in lines)
  • After all repairs have been completed, turn on zones
  • Adjust heads to get proper coverage
  • Set timer

Note: We do not advocate “Set and forget” operation for irrigation unless rain and soil moisture sensors are part of a system. Run times depend on soil type, grades, sun & wind exposure and plant varieties.

The following would only be a starting point.
Planting beds 5 – 10 minutes run time, one time per week
Turf Zones 15 – 20 minutes run time one or two times per week

We suggest a rain sensor be installed – that will help reduce over watering during periods of natural precipitation. Soil moisture sensors have improved in recent years and they make sure your landscape is only watered when it really needs it. If this process is more than you feel comfortable with, please give us a call. Our service technicians are ready and able to help!