Water Conservation – Seven Web Sites for Helpful Information

Posted on April 6th, 2015 by John Foegley

The drought of 2012 will be remembered as more than challenging by those of us in the green industry. While the central Indiana watering ban was eventually lifted, the lost revenue and environmental damage will be felt for years to come. All irrigation systems and irrigation contractors for that matter, are not created equal. Some waste water, others save it. Some contractors understand the science behind good irrigation practices, others do not have a clue. It is therefore prudent that you have a basic understanding of irrigation systems so you can ask good questions. The following web sites are excellent sources of information and we hope you will gain a better understanding of how you can save water and money while still keeping your landscape looking great!

The Irrigation Tutorials website has a fantastic page for conserving water. It includes suggestions for everything from efficient programming to ideas for upgrading old sprinkler heads to modern, more efficient heads.

EPA Watersense – This web site is full of useful tips and includes specific pages for what to plant which are specific to each state. In addition, the technology page provides links to information for EPA certified irrigation controllers and several simple horticultural practices which will help reduce water consumption

The Minnesota DNR has an excellent paper which outlines basic water savings techniques. It includes general information and detailed explanations of the most efficient practices for turf irrigation. It covers when to irrigate, what time of day and how to set up your automatic irrigation systems.

The Colorado Master Gardener/Colorado State University has an excellent explanation of the science behind an effective irrigation system. Most turf irrigation systems are only 30-40% efficient, but properly designed and installed systems can be upwards of 80% efficient. Talk about saving water!

Water conservation is at the forefront of modern irrigation component designs. While the following web-sites are product specific, they none the less provide valuable information about irrigation system efficiency and water conservation.

The Irrigation Association has one of the most comprehensive outline of water conserving practices available. Their Best Management Practices paper includes specifications for Design, Installation, Maintenance and Management. It is highly recommended reading for those who are serious about conserving water.