DIY Retaining Wall Tips

Posted on May 15th, 2015 by John Foegley


  1. Be sure to review manufacturers instructions and specifications for your retaining wall.
  2. If building a block retaining wall, height must be less than the limit set by the manufacturer
  3. Your block retaining wall must be built on a COMPACTED BASE. See specification for details
  4. Most retaining walls require that one or more courses be buried
  5. Drain tiles and gravel are often required behind landscaping retaining walls to relieve water pressure
  6. Be sure to compact soils behind your landscaping retaining wall according to manufactures specifications
  7. Retaining walls built from natural stone should lean back into the soil to be retained
  8. Filter fabric behind stone retaining walls will prevent soil from washing thru gaps in the stones
  9. Use large fieldstones for the retaining wall base and build upwards with progressively smaller stones
  10. Retaining walls made from pressure treated timbers or railroad ties should have a compacted base
  11. For wood timber retaining walls, be sure to setback each course 1″