Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

Posted on May 10th, 2015 by John Foegley


Lawn Care Programs for South Bend

The first step in protecting the environment that a homeowner can take is often reducing the application of pesticides in and around their home. Unfortunately, the one size fits all lawn care program offered by the national firms often include weed killers & insecticides which may not be needed to keep your lawn green and healthy. We simply do not understand the long term impact these pesticides will have, so we will use them only when necessary. The industry term for this is “Integrated Pest Management.” And it allows beneficial insects and organisms to survive, often reducing the need for pesticides. Our position is this: Why apply a pesticide when it isn’t needed and why pay something your lawn does not need?

Weed Controls

Weed controls are often necessary to achieve a weed free lawn. We feel liquid weed herbicides provide the best control. In addition, we can control when and where to apply them. So if a section of lawn is weed free our technician can choose not to apply the product. This is not possible with the bulk mixed liquid cocktail that the big outfits often apply. We suggest you evaluate your lawn periodically during the growing season. If nasty weeds continue to be prevalent after a season, a change in service providers might be in order.

Turf Fertilizers

Following the Purdue guidelines for a turf fertilizer program will provide good results in most cases. That is why we try to follow them. However, if you are interested in the absolute best program available, we can do a soil test and develop a custom lawn program. This type of program can correct deficiencies in soil nutrition and in some cases, eliminate or reduce the need for pre-emergent crabgrass and broadleaf weed control programs.

If you have other questions about our lawn services or turf fertilizer programs, email or give us a call!