Pond Water Maintenance by Foegley Landscape

Posted on May 29th, 2015 by John Foegley


Foegley Landscape can provide the following services for ponds & water features:

  • Algae & Aquatic Weed Control
  • Fountain & Aerator Service
  • Pond & Water Feature Lighting
  • Spring Startup Winter Shutdown
  • Shoreline Weed Control
  • Shoreline Improvements
  • And Most Other Water Feature Services

Aquatic Maintenance is often needed to keep your water feature or pond looking beautiful. Our professional maintenance staff can help balance the natural ecosystem of your pond. They also have the licenses and experience needed to control algae, aquatic weeds and shoreline weeds.

Foegley Landscapes aquatic services can be customized for both natural and man made ponds & small lakes. Without proper maintenance, small bodies of water can quickly become stagnant pools filled with algae, surface scum and weeds.

The following factors influence the health and beauty of most ponds and small lakes:

  • Water flow and circulation
  • Aeration – natural or artificial
  • Water depth
  • Runoff from turf or agricultural areas which contain nitrogen & other fertilizer components
  • Balance of aquatic eco-system – plants, insects, fish, predators

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