Backyard Patio

Posted on August 31st, 2015 by John Foegley
Patio - Uvision

Patio – Uvision

If you find it difficult to visualize what a new patio, outdoor kitchen or retaining wall will look like, Foegley Landscape can help.  We are now utilizing Uvision 3D Landscape Creator so we can present layouts, concepts and much more!


With Uvision, we can show textures and colors for brick pavers and walls.   We can also show you what the brick pattern, banding and inserts will look like.  In addition to these basics, your Foegley professional can add Fireplaces and other elements and change the lighting!  It is also possible to create water features, do 3D presentations and video fly throughs.

Patio - Before

Patio – Before


While the images and video’s produced won’t be visually identical to the finished product, they’re close.  This recently completed patio project is a good example of how Foegley Landscape  installed a recent a backyard patio.

Backyard Patio

Backyard Patio