Brick Cleaning & Renovation

Brick Cleaning & Renovation

If your older brick paver surface is uneven, has missing or broken bricks, is growing weeds, moss, insects or has just lost it’s luster, it may be time to get some repairs done, give it a good cleaning, re-sand and re-seal .   You might be surprised at how much color and beauty will be revealed by Brick Cleaning & Renovation.

Our Hardscape Restoration service is much more than simply pressure washing.  We understand hardscape construction and we know how to make any necessary repairs.  Our power cleaning system for brick pavers utilizes pressure, hot water and a powerful vacuum to reveal the color and luster of your brick patio. This process actually removes the dirt and grime from the brick surface and joints.   We use professional grade cleaners when necessary and our sealers are top of the line.

Brick Paver Renovation

  • Inspect surfaces for settled or un-level areas –  provide quote for repairs if needed.
  • Power clean all surfaces
  • Re-sand joints
  • Re-seal

Brick paver patios, driveways and sidewalks aren’t the only hardscape that should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, so we also provide similar cleaning and renovation services for walls, decks, concrete flatwork other outdoor surfaces.

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