Streams, Ponds, Fountains, and Water Features

Water features can be designed in almost any shape or size. Small container water features are great for an intimate patio setting, whereas larger ponds can provide a great environment for raising and watching colorful Koi. Pondless streams are a favorite of those who want something lower maintenance, or who enjoy the sound of waterfall cascading over rocks. Larger water features combine several smaller ponds, streams and waterfalls to achieve beautiful results. If you desire something really spectacular, combine the sights and sounds of a water feature with a swimming pool.

Imagine: Your garden pond could start with an upper landscape pond bordered by fieldstone. Water flows over a waterfall as it journeys down a winding stream to a lower pond. Lilies, cattails and a variety of other water-loving plants make the pond seem like it has always been there. Just imagine how the magical sounds and sights of your own backyard pond wash away the stress of a hard day’s work.

We use top-quality liners, pumps and filters in our ponds and streams. If you’re looking for an award-winning water feature installation company, please give us a call or click here to contact us today so we can start designing your backyard water feature.